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विभिन्‍न नेपाली रंगहरु (Different Nepali Colours)
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Along with the usual white, black, blue, green, etc, many other Nepali colour names are based on fruits, bodyparts, birds and animals and other natural objects.

Here is a 'colourful' microstudy of Nepali culture

a-ma-laaअमलाcolour of the fruit amalaa
aa-kaa-sheeआकाशीcolour of the sky
ee-ttaaईट्‌टाcolour of the brick (ochre colour)
ka-lazyकलेजीcolour of the liver
kha-raa-neeखरानीcolour of the ash
ba-daa-meeवदामीcolour of the fruit peanut
raa-toरातोblood red
raniरानीlight fuschia ?
soo-gaaसुगाcolour of the bird indian parrot
soo-nau-loसुनौलोgolden yellow

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abhigya 2009 Jul 09
this helped me a lot

abhigya 2009 Jul 09
this helped me a lot

Wonder Nepal Games 2009 Jul 12
It is great to hear that. Thank you!

Isabelle 2010 May 11
Namaste !

I like this game too(even if I would prefer to have few seconds to pronounce the colour before hearing the correct version).
Thank you so much for all your work, because with your help, I've learn 20 colors in few moments!
Keep going ! ;-)

Wonder Nepali 2010 May 11
That is great!

You can click 'play next level' button at the lower left side ( अलि गार्हो खेल्ने ) to play colour chart game.

In the colour chart game you can practise pronouncing the word, and then click on the picture to hear if you are right.

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