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नेपाली श्वरमाला (Nepali Shwar Maalaa)
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This is an interactive game to learn the Nepali vowels. It contains things that start with letters from अ to अः (A to AHA), with pictures and sounds for each phrase.

Meaning of the words introduced in this video:

अमला amalaa: gooseberry

आलु aalu: potato

इनार inaar: well

ईश्वर eeshwar: god

उकालो ukaalo: uphill

ऊन oon: wool

एकता ekataa: unity

ऐना ainaa: mirror

ओडार odaar: cave

ओषधि aussadhi: medicine

अंगुर angoor: grapes

आँप aap: mango

आहा aahaa: wow!

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Isabelle 2010 Apr 29
(sent via email) Namaste !
I'm french and I'm trying to learn nepali because I really love your country.
Thank you so much for this wonderful site and all the games in it.
It's really helpful for me and I guess for lot of others like me.
Dherai dherai ramro chha !
Please, keep going !

Danny 2012 Aug 17
I am 57 years old and I am trying to learn Nepali language.
I have spent this morning exploring and learning from your
website.      Thank you!!!      I could learn more if you added
even more comments in English.      For example, while studying
vowels you have a picture of a road in a hilly area. I hear      
"ukalo" and see the picture but I do not get a clear
understanding of the English language equivalent. You did
this very nicely with the color game.      Thanks for TEACHING!

Wonder Nepal Games 2012 Aug 17
Danny, thank you so much for your comment. It is always
nice to get feedback on my games. With your suggestion, I
will add more English comments to them. In the mean time,
I will let you know what 'ukalo' means... it means uphill.

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