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मेरो पहिलो गन्ती (My first counting)
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Let's count in Nepali!
Here are the numbers from 0 to 20.
0 = Sunnaa
1 = Ek     11 = Eghaara
2 = Dui     12 = Baarha
3 = Teen     13 = Terha
4 = Chaar     14 = Chaudha
5 = Paach     15 = Pandra
6 = Chha     16 = Sorha
7 = Saat     17 = Satra
8 = Aath     18 = Athaara
9 = Nau     19 = Unnaais
10 = Dash     20 = Bis

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Shruti Regmi 2009 Aug 19
This is Shruti. Nice job!! I do have a suggestion though...I think to make it really effective, you need to make it somewhat interactive..as in when you have the picture up, maybe you need to give some time for the kids to finish counting the objects, before announcing the answer? something like that...kids will learn when they can participate in the counting themselves and come up with an answer and then compare it to your answer, you know what I mean?

Wonder Nepal Games 2009 Aug 19
I know what you mean. That is a good idea...               
In the 'play' mode, I had it set up so that it would give more time to do the counting, but our quality control engineer, aka 3 year old, did not care to count the cats so much! Rather he wanted to hear the number spoken. So, basically it's him who decided to have no time for counting :)                     

In the pause mode, you can spend more time to count, and maybe I can announce the answer after the counting is completed.

Susan Westerberg 2011 Mar 01
Thanks a lot for this site!I\'ve been trying to teach my kids Nepali but it is so difficult since we live in Sweden and do not have many Nepali friends.
Please make the site more interactive so learning becomes fun.

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