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ठूला अंकहरु (Large Numbers 30 - 1 Billion)
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This is an interactive chart to identify and learn about Nepali numerals from thirty to 1 Billion.

South Asian (Nepali, Hindi) numbering system places thousand seperator commas in different places compared to western system and the groupings are also named differently.

Here are some translations between the two systems:

NumberWestern termWith seperatorNepali termWith seperator
1000One Thousand1,000एक हजार
Ek Hajaar
10000Ten Thousand10,000दश हजार
Dush Hajaar
100000Hundred Thousand100,000एक लाख
Ek Laakh
1000000One Million1,000,000दश लाख
Dush Laakh
10000000Ten Million10,000,000एक करोड
Ek Karod
100000000Hundred Million100,000,000दश करोड
Dush Karod
1000000000One Billion1,000,000,000एक अर्ब
Ek Arba

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