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बाघचाल (Baagh Chaal: Goats and Tigers)
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Baagh Chaal means Tiger's move in Nepali. It is a strategic, two-player board game. One player controls four tigers and the other player controls twenty goats. The tigers 'eat' the goats while the goats attempt to block the tigers' movements.

Play English version here:

The game is played on a five by five point grid with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. Goat and tiger pieces are positioned at the intersections and their movements are only possible along the lines.

At the start of the game the 4 tigers are placed at 4 corners of the board. Then one goat is placed on the board at each turn while the tigers are moved.
Tiger eats a goat by jumping over the goat in a straight line when there is an empty position to land after the jump.
After all the 20 goats have been placed on the board, the goats can also be moved around the board.

Tiger rules:
1. They can start eating goats any moment after the game has started.
2. They can eat only one goat at a time.
3. A tiger cannot jump over another tiger.

Goat rules:
1. They can only move after all 20 have been put on the board.
2. They can not jump over the tigers or other goats.
3. They must leave the board when eaten.

Each goat placed on the board: +3 pts
Each goat lost to the tiger: -10 pts
If goat wins the game: goat score + (number of dead goats X 10)

Eat a goat: +10 pts

If tigers eat 6 goats, Tiger wins the game.
If the goats block all the tigers' moves, Goat wins the game.

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lalit 2010 Feb 02
Good for intertentment for this game i remember past 20
years ago we were played this game.Now im playein from
israel.thank you very much.lalit

mohican comming 2010 Feb 09
this game is like japanese go game i love to play it .....

sonia 2010 Dec 20
this game is nice but not so tricky, we can win easily.....

Ridzal Krishna 2011 Jan 28
thnak for placing such interested game \"Bag Chal:/

Rishi Pd Nepal 2011 Feb 08
Very intresting Game I love it

hira 2011 Feb 15
hi i am hira Very intresting Game

surendra 2011 Feb 23
It is very interesting game.

Krishna 2011 Mar 04
Guru ji why your program never win me?

Umesh 2011 Apr 02
Thanks for writing this game. You are a star!

Gaz Cool 2012 May 30
Very easy to play, after wining the game level should be increase.

Wonder Nepal Games 2012 Jun 07
Thank you all for leaving a comment here.

GazCool that is a great idea. I will have to figure out
how to increase difficulty level of the game.

Ridzal Krishna, you need more practice. So keep playing
and you will start to win.

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