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नेपाल जिल्ला पजल (Nepal Jillaa Puzzle)
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Nepal is divided into 75 administrative districts.

Although all Nepalis learn this fact in their school textbooks, most of us have only vague idea of where those districts are located inside Nepal.

It is a very safe bet to say that most of the people would have a hard time locating a random district in the map of Nepal.

We think this is a sorry situation, simply because Nepalis need to know more about our own country.

In order to quickly eradicate this ignorance, we have created a very smart puzzle game.

In this puzzle game, you are asked to place a district in its correct position in the map of Nepal.

Earn your scores based on accuracy and speed:
  • A faster placement earns more points than a slower placement even when both were accurately placed on the map.
  • The fastness is broken down into seconds, so every second counts.

Learning Tip:
You can hover your mouse over any district on the map to view its name.

Test your Nepali Geography 101 with Nepal Jillaa Puzzle

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Bhubin 2010 Feb 01

swantina 2011 Mar 01

sadhana 2011 Aug 16
love this game!! I did not know much about my own country's geography. Now, because of this addicting game, I know a lot :)

Wonder Nepal Games 2011 Aug 17
Sadhana, thank you for your wonderful comment.

Everyone, please make sure to hit the 'Like' button, so
all your Facebook friends also know about it.

sudeep 2011 Sep 05
nice game

CMA 2012 Aug 22
interesting game

Ravi Adhikari 2013 Dec 29

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