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क्लिक नेपाल जिल्ला (Click Nepal Jillaa)
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Nepal is divided into 75 districts.

Before playing the game, hover mouse over any district on the map to view its name.

This is a very smart puzzle game where you have to place a district in its correct position in the map of Nepal.

Earn scores based on accuracy and speed:
  • A faster placement earns more points than a slower placement even when both were accurately placed on the map.
  • The fastness is broken down into seconds. Actually every millisecond counts.

Learn and test your Nepali Geography with Click Nepal Jillaa.

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Nelson 2012 Jul 31
We really like this program .
We are verry appreciate your afford to
Creat this for all of us .....

Bhai Raja Panday 2015 Mar 21
Can you do a similar one on history of Nepal

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